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Dáire Gannon


Dáire Gannon



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Human Genetics at Trinity College Dublin
Why did you choose this course? Being taught by Mr. Nissar and Mr. Burns in Ratoath College, I developed an interest in biology. During the Trinity Open Day, I went to a presentation given by Prof. Kevin Mitchell and decided that I wanted to study human genetics. I was excited by the new technologies he spoke about and the power of genetics to understand and treat disease. I was also drawn to the course as students complete an original research project in their final year, working at the cutting edge of knowledge.
How long is/was the course?  4 years
Current role / employment:  I have just finished the final year of my undergraduate degree and will graduate with First Class Honours later this year. After graduation, I will begin a PhD in the Bracken lab in Trinity. Over the course of my PhD, I hope to discover new targets for cancer treatment.


Best career achievement to date:  I was lucky enough to be awarded the David McConnell Scholarship in Human Genetics. This award allowed me to conduct a research internship in the lab of Prof. Lisa Goodrich in Harvard Medical School. This was a formative experience for me. I was very fortunate to have two brilliant postdoctoral fellows, Evelyn Avilés and Brikha Shrestha, as mentors during my time in Harvard. I learned a lot of hands-on lab skills and about the process of designing experiments to test ideas. The experience certainly has contributed to my decision to pursue a PhD.
Have you any advice for our current students?  Just after finishing my first term in college, I went to a talk given by former astronaut Chris Hadfield. He gave some advice about following your dreams that really stuck with me. The main message I took away is that you will be happy if you work towards your dreams. I just found a short clip of the talk if you’d like to check it out! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbOU-2Elgrk
Best memory of Ratoath College:  Unexpectedly freestyle dancing in front of quite a large crowd of people on the China trip.