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Mol an Óige agus Tiocfaidh Sí

Transition Year

What is TY?

Transition Year represents a different year of learning, with a significant focus on learning through experience of adult and working life and the provision of skills with an emphasis on self-directed learning in preparation for the Leaving Cert. This involves giving students access to a much broader range of subjects and curricular areas and increased opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Through community work, fundraising and work experience, TY also aims to develop links between students and their community.

Admission to TY

At Ratoath College, TY is optional. Those wishing to apply must fill in an application form at the given time each year. Admission to TY is subject to the provisions of our TY policy

Students who apply can expect that their record of punctuality and attendance  and their Dialann will be checked and all applicants take part in a Group Task as part of the application process. Some students may also be asked to attend an interview.

Overview of TY at Ratoath College

The TY curriculum has a range of elements, including core subjects, sample subjects – subjects that students may not have had access to or not chosen at Junior Cycle, TY specific subjects and a range of one-off events and workshops.

TY students’ timetables rotate throughout the year, ensuring all students have access to a wide and varied programme, including Career Guidance and preparation for the world of work.

Core Subjects:

  • English
  • Irish
  • Maths

Sample Subjects:

  • Technology (Wood, Engineering & Graphics)
  • Home Economics
  • Art
  • Music
  • Business
  • Science (Chemistry, Physics & Biology)
  • History
  • Geography
  • Classics
  • French/Italian (through the European Studies module)
  • PE

TY Specific Modules:

  • Film
  • Chinese
  • Politics
  • Drama
  • Future Leaders
  • Sustainability
  • RC News
  • Pay if Forward
  • Digital Learning
  • First Aid

Workshops/One-off events:

  • Urban Orienteering
  • Stand-up Comedy
  • Drama
  • Segway for schools
  • Drumming
  • FAI
  • Ukelele
  • Bodhran Making
  • Driver’s Ed

Guest Speakers:

  • Vet
  • Peter McVerry Trust
  • Sports journalist
  • 9/11 witness
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Engineer
  • First Aid
  • Mini-company

Trips & Activities

Off-site trips and activities form an important element of the TY programme, examples from previous years include:

  • Overnight bonding trip
  • Zeminar
  • Urban Challenge
  • Causey Farm
  • Glendalough
  • Baysports
  • Belfast
  • Buddhist Temple

Work Experience

Work Experience is a core element of the TY programme and many students cite their participation in work experience as one of the highlights of their TY experience.

Work Experience takes place over 4 blocks (two 1-week blocks and one 2-week block) spread over the course of the school year. 

Students are required to maintain a work experience diary and their engagement with the programme is reviewed by the school and by their employer. 

Students and parent(s)/guardian(s) should be aware that some Work Experience placements (such as in schools and childcare settings) have additional requirements including, in some cases, Garda Vetting.

Some workplaces and organisations offer Work Experience placements specifically designed for TY students that do not align with our Work Experience blocks. In most cases, it is possible for students fortunate enough to gain access to these usually highly sought-after placements to take them up, in consultation with their Moltóir and the Programme Coordinator.

Points System & Student Contract

Students in TY are awarded points (through their Dialann) based on their behaviour, cooperation and engagement with the programme. Prizes are awarded for students achieving high points totals at the end of each term and students are required to have a positive points balance in order to take part in off-site trips and activities.