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Megan Carr


Megan Carr



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Medical Laboratory Science – Coláiste Dhúlaigh; Forensic Science – Institute of Technology, Tallaght.
Why did you choose this course? I chose to do a level 6 PLC course in Colaiste Dhulaigh, Coolock in Medical Laboratory Science as I did not get offered the course that I wanted in DNA and Forensic Science, and this was a route into the course. It was also so beneficial to see if I felt for sure that I wanted to further pursue a career in science. I then got accepted into a bachelor of honours degree in DNA and Forensic Science in the Institute of Technology Tallaght, and I chose this course as forensics is something I’ve wanted to do since I was 14 years old watching CSI Miami and just knew that was what I wanted to do.
How long is/was the course?  The Medical Laboratory Science course was 2 years, with a project placement in a lab and a Higher National Diploma at the end of the second year. The DNA and Forensic Science course was 4 years for the honours degree.
Current role / employment:  Quality Control Scientist, Shire
Best career achievement to date:  Getting a job at an amazing pharmaceutical company that make medicine for people with rare diseases, it’s a job that I love and is also so rewarding to see how our medicines make a huge impact on so many lives around the world.
Have you any advice for our current students?  I know there’s a lot of stigma for some reason around doing a PLC course, but I honestly urge everyone to apply for one as well as filling out the CAO, because I could’ve taken a level 8 science course that I was offered, but it wasn’t the course I wanted. I could’ve spent 4 years of my life on college fees in a course I wasn’t as passionate about, and I made the decision to follow my dreams to get the course I wanted. Not only did the PLC course I did result in me being offered the course I had always wanted, but I also don’t think I would’ve made in through my degree if I hadn’t done that course. I gained so much experience from it and it really helped me throughout all 4 years of my bachelor’s degree. Accepting that course first over the CAO courses I didn’t want is the best life decision I have ever made for myself and for my career.
Best memory of Ratoath College:  My best memory of Ratoath College is the friends for life that I made there and the fun I had with them every day. I was really happy as a student in Ratoath College and enjoyed my time there. One particular memory I love to look back on with friends is the time we got caught eating chocolate cake in the gym!!