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Rhoda Massoud


Rhoda Massoud



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3rd Level Course:

Business Studies, DCU
Why did you choose this course? I really enjoyed Business and Accounting as subjects in school and I wanted to learn more about them. This course really helped me gain the skills necessary to work in a business environment and I learned so much about working with others through group projects in this course.
How long is/was the course? 

This course is 3-4 years depending on whether you do an internship in your 3rd year or not. I did an internship in LinkedIn for my 3rd year so altogether the course was 4 years for me but you have the option not to do this if you want to do 3 years.

Current role / employment: 

I am currently working as an Account Strategist in Google, Dublin.

Best career achievement to date: 

My biggest achievement is getting my dream job. I have always wanted to work in Google, ever since I was in school and it was a huge achievement for me to be able to get this job. I have gotten to travel, meet so many new people and bring so many of my ideas to life.

Have you any advice for our current students? 

My advice would be to step back and appreciate that you won’t have everything worked out. I didn’t fully know what I wanted to do when I was doing my Leaving Cert and it is scary but this is completely normal! You don’t need to have everything set in stone but you do need to have a rough idea. Take the time to understand what you enjoy doing in school, is it Business? Science? – do you prefer working with people or working alone? These small things will make a huge difference in deciding what path you choose to go down.

Best memory of Ratoath College:  Contrary to most opinions, I actually loved my time in school so I have so many fond memories. Although, if I had to pick just one, my best memory of Ratoath College would be  that time around the musicals and fashion shows because of how much of a buzz there would always be amongst staff and students leading up to those events.