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PISA 2024

Our school has been selected as one of 53 Irish post-primary schools to take part in the PISA Field Trial, an international education research study, this year. 

PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) is the largest international study of education, examining the reading, mathematics and science achievements of students. PISA also collects contextual information from students and school principals. It began in 2000 and is carried out every three years.

PISA is administered in Ireland by the Department of Education and the Educational Research Centre (ERC) and we have been liaising with them to arrange for the study to take place in the school.

You have received this link because your child is one of 50 students in the school who were born in 2008 that have been selected at random to take part. 

Today in school (Thursday 07.03.24), the randomly selected students were informed about the study and provided with an information pack from the ERC, with information for students and parents. 

The information contained in the pack is also available here.

The study will take place in the school on Friday, 15th March. For the students selected to take part, this will involve them taking an online test and a questionnaire. The PISA tests consist of ‘real-life’ tasks and are not connected to the Junior or Leaving Cert curricula and are not based on school subjects. 

As such, students do not need to prepare for or study for PISA and there is a practice session on the day before the test begins. 

You can look at the kind of questions included in PISA here.

You can find out more about PISA at the links below and any queries can be addressed to the ERC at the following email address:

ERC email: [email protected]

More information:



If you know that your child will not be present in school on Friday, 15th March, please contact their Moltóir to let them know.