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Sixth Year Study Skills – August 2023

We hope that you and your family are keeping well as we come to the start of the school year. As you know, your son/daughter will be completing state examinations in this academic year. There will be an increased expectation on your child to perform to the best of their ability in the Leaving Certificate exams. 

To support your child in meeting those expectations, we have developed a Study Skills Programme that is tailored to the academic needs and aspirations of our students here in Ratoath College. 

The aim of this programme is to equip students with the skills, resources and tools that are required to help them achieve success next year. This programme will be delivered over the course of the next academic year. However, as an introduction, we have organised workshops for 6th Year students on Wednesday  August 23rd, which will be delivered over three sessions:

Session A: Introduction to Retrieval Practice (Ms Brooks)

Session B: SMART Goal Setting,  Effective Timekeeping and Organisation Skills (Mr Nissar)

Session C: Study Skills Techniques in Practice (Three Pile Method, PQRST and Mind Mapping) (Mr Gueret)

The aims of these workshops are:

  • Students will learn how to improve their memorisation and retention skills.
  • They will know how to prioritise subject content and record the most important and relevant information using a variety of notetaking methods.
  • Students will engage in collaborative practice as part of their revision for exams.
  • They will learn how to structure and assemble information for key assignments and exam questions.
  • Students will develop the practice of moving information from their short term to their long-term memory.

It is our goal to deliver these workshops to you, as parents and guardians, to further support your child’s study skills practice at home.

The school year will start for Sixth Years with an assembly with Mr Mooney at 09.00, after which the sessions listed above will run in rotation for the remainder of the day, concluding at 14.00.

Students must be in full uniform, bring lunch with them and bring some writing /revision materials with for use in the sessions.

Yours faithfully,

Study Skills Team